Finding that special piece of jewellery for a wedding or any celebratory event can sometimes be difficult. Especially if your taste leans towards the intricate, yet avant garde feel of sterling silver chainmail.

That’s why I have chosen to specialize in Micro Chainmail, utilizing the smallest of rings to weave together into intriguing, delicate, yet bold statement pieces.

The tiniest of pieces provide a romantic fantasy that will make you love your piece for years to come. And while elaborate patterns have always held a fascination for me, it isn’t an easy task! Patience is a must yet it always pays off.

Each of my pieces is dedicated to unity and love; a bringing together rather than a tearing apart; my little way of saying that complexity in pattern and design – as with and in people – can reveal and become the good, the beautiful, the true, and therefore… the most real.

Please enjoy your timeless new heirloom with my heartfelt blessings.

All custom ordered pieces are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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