CelestiaLace© Collection

Who wouldn’t feel special wearing a lace necklace, especially an original creation?

In my quest to create micro chainmail that every woman would feel comfortable wearing, I’ve investigated quite a few different traditional weaves.  The Japanese family (the highest level of weave structures are called families) has a long history. One reason it’s quite different than a European weave is that it was never used to be the main protection from a weapon, but instead used to protect and connect the spots in between the Japanese armour. This developed over time to create a decorative tight weave with a very symmetrical binding pattern (See Japanese 12 in 2 example pictured).

While loving the look of this family, I wanted to create something that felt more fluid and sensual on the skin. After countless hours of experimenting I was able to create something very special by doubling up on the number and layout of the ring pattern.  The CelestiaLace© Collection of pieces flow across your skin and give you a feeling of luxury that you don’t want to give up!

The jewellery pieces in the CelestiaLace© Collection are woven with 22 gauge wire which are some of the smallest and thinnest .925 sterling silver rings available. The time and materials involved in each item is reflected in the product price range and based on its length.  And remember, you won’t find this pattern anywhere else! It’s a CelestiaLinks© original. 

  • CelestiaLace© Bracelet

    $ 210.00$ 290.00 Select options
  • CelestiaLace© Choker

    $ 405.00$ 610.00 Select options
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