CelestiaLore© Elegance Line

Do you find romance in intricate Celtic mosaic designs?  The jewellery pieces in the Elegance Line are woven with 22 gauge wire which are some of the smallest and thinnest .925 sterling silver rings available (see the Grace Line for the smallest, it’s on the right in the picture below).

The Elegance Line is just as beautiful as it’s smaller counterpart. The slightly larger pieces make the patterns easier to see and enjoy! The Elegance Unity Bracelet was my first creation and it’s still a favourite. It feels so weighty and luxurious on your wrist.  The Stellar Choker and Bracelet highlight each and every celtic unit!  And the simple yet delicate Elegance Drop and Unity Necklaces are very popular items. Pair anything with Elegance Drop Earrings and you’re all set!

Great patience and perseverance are needed to complete these pieces and I love working on them! The time and materials involved in each celtic unit is reflected in each products price range and based on its length. 

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